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Heart River Center has been offering education for intuitive counseling and healing since 1997.  Thousands of students have studied and learned life changing skills and many have gone on to become professionals.  

Peter Roth, the founder and director, is an acclaimed intuitive counselor/healer who works with clients and students world-wide. In person, or on the phone, he offers unique insights and transformation. Please explore the website to learn more about Heart River’s programs and call or email Peter for more information.   peter@heartriver.org or 212-222-7748. Or skype peter.roth65.

Monday night classes for the Spring have been posted. Intuitive Development classes began April 23rd and the Medical Intuition classes will begin late May. Also join the free weekly healing program True Life Circles (below).

Here is a recent interview with host Alan Steinfeld of New Realities radio about Peter Roth and Heart River.
Here is an Energy Stew radio show discussion about intuition with Peter Roth and Lisa Denton.


Click here to learn more about and even join the new, free healing system True Life Circles

(It’s a new concept in healing!) Circles transmission choices for the week of May 25th:  Monday at 9 AM and 10 PM, Tuesday at 10 AM and 5 PM,  Wednesday at 8 AM and 6 PM, Thursday at 9 AM and 7 PM,  Friday at 2 PM,  Saturday at Noon and Sunday at 10 AM.  All Eastern time.

Structured water units are powerful health enhancers!

It’s now possible to use a special funnel to pour water through which then becomes structured in a way to be more efficiently absorbed by your body so you can even drink less water each day and still be as hydrated.  The water is also very cleansing throughout your body.  Here’s a radio show Peter recorded with the developer of this device.

Also, here’s a link for a free ebook about structured water and to see what products are available to produce it.  You can actually purchase one of the funnels (and more) through this LINK too.

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