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Energy Stew with Jacob Israel Liberman – What are your eyes really seeing

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Jacob Israel Liberman, the author of “Luminous Life, How the Science of Life Unlocks the Art of Living”, has been a student of our eyes most of his life. As an eye doctor, he discovered that they are working as a window to our souls. We don’t realize that as our consciousness guides our eyes, our eyes are also guiding our consciousness. They see much more than our conscious minds can comprehend and alert us to what our souls are seeking. He can tell us so much about this window to ourselves.

Light is a medium of communication and our souls depend on our eyes to receive it. Yes, we see, but only what we understand about life. Jacob can show us how to hold our vision in a deeper reality of Universal energies. It’s about being more the master of our awareness and the potential for what we can comprehend through light. To have a deeper understanding of our soul is to use our eyes more optimally. This interview is an opportunity to hear from a master who has learned to live in a multi-dimensional awareness. Find out how to do this for yourself. Tune in so you can learn how to enjoy a more luminous life.

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Catch the Energy Stew archives if you miss the live shows

Peter has been hosting weekly Energy Stew radio shows at prn.fm for the last 11 years and many recent shows are archived at energystew.podbean.com.  A lot of older shows are archived on this website.  The show airs live on Fridays at 11:30 AM. He interviews amazing guests so check out the archives and you’ll see some of your favorite topics.

Free Wednesday night healing tele-session September 20th

Once a month, we have free healing sessions that you can join via phone or web and you’re welcome to join them.  You can use your webcam if you have one and you can see Peter and others in the session on your screen.  Be sure you’re on our mailing list for the announcements.

Special FREE Wednesday evening tele-healing sessions

I’ve instituted some new and very powerful healing sessions that you can join for free.  You’ll understand them better by looking at the amazing testimonials from previous sessions that are below.  You’ll need to email me separately at peter@heartriver.org to sign up and then receive a link to the session. Be sure you’re on the mailing list to be informed about each new session.

Peter’s healing session was an extremely powerful and transformative experience. During the session I felt a wonderful sense of pure love and oneness. As the session went on this got stronger and stronger and my whole being was encompassed by love. It felt as though Peter and the entire group were experiencing this together in unison. Afterwards I could feel that this healing took place on a very deep level and had a positive effect beyond just the group itself. I would highly recommend experiencing one of Peter’s healing sessions for yourself.


Peter, I felt not only the relaxation but a strong energy coming from you, like a vibration, I felt that experience only once before and it was when the Dalai Lama came to Argentina and gave some advice and words of hope through a peace message.


Peter’s free healing session was awesome for me. I really enjoyed the guided meditation and healing that he took our group through. I felt the energy flowing through me and it gave me a wonderful sense of peace and serenity. I also enjoyed the discussion afterwards. I highly recommend anything that Peter does as his work is so beneficial to me. This healing session was no exception and I look forward to the next one.


I felt a sense of peace, grounded and could feel the golden energy pulsing throughout my body.  


I had a mild migraine to start with. Followed your guided meditation pretty carefully, put some effort into it, was kind of painful with the migraine, felt very raw. Suddenly started nodding off. Felt like “something was happening”. Was very quiet for about an hour afterwards. Migraine is gone! Woohoo!


We were all so inflated with light that you rendered us speechless! It was something like “what just happened?” when you were done. Thank you does not seem adequate. Here are my comments: Your words are divine. You are a holy man. God bless you and your gift Peter.


After Wednesday’s healing session, the horrible pain I was having in my knees went away. I’ve been suffering for quite a while with this. I don’t know how that happened but it did. Also, I’m sure there was an affect mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


Heartfelt appreciation to you of the Heart River Peter!!
Never experienced anything like that. A miraculous journey!


Your guided visualization allowed me to experience the healing love vibration of my true self…  Where all external physical objects, including my body fall away and I am a vibrational essence. I have achieved this sensation previously when in a ten day Vipassana meditation course. It is an incredibly rewarding moment to find peace in an otherwise turbulent world filled with negative physical distractions. Your direction is uplifting and restorative at the root level.


Wow, I went even deeper in this healing session and there was major synchronicity happening. Many times throughout the session I would see and experience what was being said seconds before it was said. And I feel the power of it all still with me today. It’s a lightness and sense of great love and joy. I’m grateful to be a part of it and look forward to more.


Monday night tele-classes/webinars will only be held occasionally through the Summer

Jan 11 – What does your soul expect from you in 2016?  This will be a very dynamic year, as recent ones have been, and we will again need to be our best.  What will be asked of us and how will we respond?  Tackling life at the soul level will be the most powerful way and maybe we can ask our souls how to do it best.  I’ll ask for guidance from you higher self and your spirit guides to see what they can tell us for you.  You’ll have a clearer picture for the year ahead.

Jan 18 – Healing analysis and empowerments  – I will analyze each person’s energy field separately to see where the imbalances are and provide specific healing to rebalance them.  I’ll also be able to give you special tools and techniques to use afterward.  You’ll be on a more powerful healing path after this class. The healing energy for each student will also benefit the class as a whole.  There will also be class- wide empowerments.

Jan 25 – Using the I’Ching for personal answers on your path – This is the opportunity to gain insight into the dilemmas you face and the hurdles you see in front of you.  I’ll help you work directly with the I’Ching in framing the right questions and interpreting the correct answers.  In a recent class, all students were thrilled about how direct and enriching the answers were.  They became so much clearer about their situations and could make better choices.

Feb 1 – Identifying Past Lifetimes – Students have loved these past life time classes as I’ve tapped into their soul histories.  It’s not just about the entertainment value.  I’ll find lifetimes that have important meaning for you in today’s trials.  Knowing our past is about knowing ourselves better

Feb 8 – What is your purpose in this life?  – There are important reasons you’ve come to this life and there are certainly different chapters of it.  Even though this year has particular needs, there’s an over-riding purpose you carry and many ways it can manifest.  I’ll be using the Human Design System and other divining tools to see what you’re here for.  You’ll feel so much clearer about choices to make and how to appreciate your life better.

Feb 15 – What is your relationship theme? – The patterns of your personality attract unique relationship results and are derived from specific causes:  your ancestry and family conditioning; your relationship experiences; and your moment of birth which shows up in astrology, destiny cards, numerology and Human Design as well as other divining tools.  I’ll work with Human Design and my intuition to convey important relationship information to you.  This will help you live and work better in your relationships.

Feb 22 – Healing analysis and empowerments  – I will analyze each person’s energy field separately to see where the imbalances are and provide specific healing to rebalance them.  I’ll also be able to give you special tools and techniques to use afterward.  You’ll be on a more powerful healing path after this class. The healing energy for each student will also benefit the class as a whole.  There will also be class- wide empowerments.

Feb 29 – Overview of Human Design – I’ll explain how the Human Design System works while you can see your chart at the same time.  Not only will you learn a lot about yourself, but you’ll understand why everyone else is not like you and why. It’s really helpful to see who you are not so you can appreciate yourself so much better.

March 14 – Identifying and transforming your shadows – Your shadows are behaviors you don’t want to see in yourself and do your best to avoid.  They often have more power over you than you think.  It’s best to expose them so they can be transformed.
In this class, you, me and Human Design will bring them forward and understand how you can dance with them and perhaps make them  your friend.  Imagine that!
March 21 – How does the Law of Attraction have power for you?  This law actually works and you can have all you want as long as it’s just what you’re here for.  So, what are you here for?  Being in alignment with that can create all the power  you need.  In this class, I’ll use intuition and the Human Design System to show you what you’re here to attract.
March 28 – Healing analysis and empowerments   Peter will analyze your energies to see where the imbalances are and provide specific healing to rebalance them.  He will look at each student’s energy field separately and address each student’s needs with what is being called for.  The healing energy for each student will also benefit the class as a whole.  There will also be class wide empowerments.
April 11 – What are your unique spiritual strengths?  We’re all designed to hold our spirituality differently and have unique spiritual traits that we use on this path.  Peter will tap into higher consciousness to see what the Universe has to say about your spiritual energies and he’ll use a special software of Human Design that addresses spirituality.  It’s easier to be on a spiritual path when your unique journey can be understood better.
April 18 – Tools to influence the outcome   We would all like to have more confidence that we’re doing our best to get the best results.  There are many opportunities to make this happen and Peter will introduce you to them.  He’ll assess your energy field to see its strengths for manifestation and he’ll see what you need to become better aligned.  He’ll also identify particular tools that you can use to empower yourself.
April 25 – What is your real job in this life?  We are all here for important reasons on our soul journeys. So many people are unsatisfied with their circumstances and limitations in life.  They might say “There’s got to be more to it”. Perhaps there is and maybe we can find out.  Peter can tap into your soul patterns to offer more information.  He’ll also look at your Human Design to see how it describes your role.
May 2 –Identifying past life times – Students have loved these past life time classes as Peter has tapped into their soul histories.  It’s not just about the entertainment value.  Peter will find lifetimes that have important meaning in today’s trials.  Knowing our past is about knowing ourselves better.  Join this fascinating class that will offer intriguingly valuable insights.
May 9 – An overview of Human Design charts – Peter will look at the fundamental aspects of Human Design charts while you are looking at your own.  This way, you not only get to see what your chart says about you but you also get the perspective of how other people are designed.  You’ll know better how to differentiate yourself.
May 16 – Special Healing Class
May 23 – What are your higher-dimensional relationships/purposes? – This is an unusual class where Peter will intuitively inquire about your life on other-dimensional planes.  Who knows what fascinating information will come through?  What community of spirits are you connected to?  The groups have different purposes and characteristics and it’s helpful for us to know more about this side of ourselves.
June 6 – What is your abundance theme? – There is new information about you that wasn’t used in previous classes and Peter can draw from that as well as use his intuition and the Human Design System.  Let’s see how abundance works in your life and the best means to obtain more of it.  Peter will provide new manifestation opportunities.
June 13 – Bring an important question or two – What answers do you presently need?  Peter will use both his intuition and the Chinese I’Ching to tap into the Universe to provide you with the answers you are seeking.
June 20 – New shadow work to help your journey – (In-person class on the Upper West Side) – Our shadows never really leave us alone. They are part of the karma path we’ve chosen in order to advance our lives by trying to dance around and over them.  It’s so helpful to identify them so we can build better life strategies.  Peter will use a number of different tools (including an important new one) to point them out for you and help you make better friends with them.
June 27 – Who are your soul mates and what are they here for? – We’ve all made contracts with other souls to assist in our lessons and progress on this plane.  These lessons can be difficult and/or even life saving so we need to honor them as we chose them for important purposes.  Peter will look at the different relationships in your life and see what his intuition has to say about them.


Energy Stew – Tobin Blake

We all know about miracles but maybe we have to help them along. Tobin Blake was called on when his daughter’s boyfriend was given no chance to survive. He began a journey that brought together all sorts of opportunities to change the outcome and has written an important book about the experience. Tobin’s book, “The Healing of Jordan Young, a 21st Century Spiritual Guide to Health and Healing” can give all of us hope.  Healing works on all levels of science and consciousness and they need to work together. Be sure to tune in to learn how you can produce “miracles” for yourself and others.

Source: Energy Stew

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