raising your spiritual consciousness & intuitive gifts

Martha Crampton, Ph D.

Peter Roth is bringing forth an original teaching for our time. He has created easy-to-use tools which empower energy awareness and the intuitive faculty of inner hearing. Most importantly, he works from a place of heart-centered connection to spirit and is dedicated to developing this connection in others.
Martha Crampton, Ph D,
Psychotherapist, teacher and developer of psychoenergetics

Marjorie Jaffe

Heart River students will receive the impact of Peter’s deep understanding of their paths and with his generous spirit will find a stronger purpose to their journey.
Marjorie Jaffe,
Back in Shape Exercise Studio Author of The Memory Method

Martin Feldman, M.D.

Peter Roth has intuitive abilities which allow him to access a higher or universal consciousness. Using this gift, he has the power to expand healing paths beyond those of current conventional medical therapies and even beyond many of those in complementary/nutritional medicine. I am impressed with his true spirit of healing and the spirituality in all of his relationships.
Martin Feldman, M.D.
Nutritional doctor and Author Co-author of many popular medical, and nutritional books including,Reverse The Aging Process and Good Food, Good Mood

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