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Special FREE Wednesday evening tele-healing sessions

I’ve instituted some new and very powerful healing sessions that you can join for free.  You’ll understand them better by looking at the amazing testimonials from previous sessions that are below.  You’ll need to email me separately at peter@heartriver.org to sign up and then receive a link to the session. Be sure you’re on the mailing list to be informed about each new session.

Peter’s healing session was an extremely powerful and transformative experience. During the session I felt a wonderful sense of pure love and oneness. As the session went on this got stronger and stronger and my whole being was encompassed by love. It felt as though Peter and the entire group were experiencing this together in unison. Afterwards I could feel that this healing took place on a very deep level and had a positive effect beyond just the group itself. I would highly recommend experiencing one of Peter’s healing sessions for yourself.


Peter, I felt not only the relaxation but a strong energy coming from you, like a vibration, I felt that experience only once before and it was when the Dalai Lama came to Argentina and gave some advice and words of hope through a peace message.


Peter’s free healing session was awesome for me. I really enjoyed the guided meditation and healing that he took our group through. I felt the energy flowing through me and it gave me a wonderful sense of peace and serenity. I also enjoyed the discussion afterwards. I highly recommend anything that Peter does as his work is so beneficial to me. This healing session was no exception and I look forward to the next one.


I felt a sense of peace, grounded and could feel the golden energy pulsing throughout my body.  


I had a mild migraine to start with. Followed your guided meditation pretty carefully, put some effort into it, was kind of painful with the migraine, felt very raw. Suddenly started nodding off. Felt like “something was happening”. Was very quiet for about an hour afterwards. Migraine is gone! Woohoo!


We were all so inflated with light that you rendered us speechless! It was something like “what just happened?” when you were done. Thank you does not seem adequate. Here are my comments: Your words are divine. You are a holy man. God bless you and your gift Peter.


After Wednesday’s healing session, the horrible pain I was having in my knees went away. I’ve been suffering for quite a while with this. I don’t know how that happened but it did. Also, I’m sure there was an affect mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


Heartfelt appreciation to you of the Heart River Peter!!
Never experienced anything like that. A miraculous journey!


Your guided visualization allowed me to experience the healing love vibration of my true self…  Where all external physical objects, including my body fall away and I am a vibrational essence. I have achieved this sensation previously when in a ten day Vipassana meditation course. It is an incredibly rewarding moment to find peace in an otherwise turbulent world filled with negative physical distractions. Your direction is uplifting and restorative at the root level.


Wow, I went even deeper in this healing session and there was major synchronicity happening. Many times throughout the session I would see and experience what was being said seconds before it was said. And I feel the power of it all still with me today. It’s a lightness and sense of great love and joy. I’m grateful to be a part of it and look forward to more.


Energy Stew – Mas Sajady

Mas died twice, and especially the second time while on the other side, was given empowerments and taught deep truths about life.It’s wonderful to talk with him about life and how to live in more powerful frequencies that will open us to greater success.  In the interview, he sends healing frequencies out to all the listeners.Some of the dynamic topics we spoke about were forgiveness and eating meat.  He’ll surprise you with his answers.He has amazingly profound understandings and it was a joy to talk with him.

Source: Energy Stew – Listen to this podcast

Monday night classes for Winter 2016 will be posted soon

Heart River Center holds Monday evening tele-classes taught by Peter Roth on the special topics of self-discovery, healing and self-empowerment. In many of the classes, Peter will mostly be working with either his intuitive (psychic) skills to identify specific traits and information individually for each student or the Human Design System which is a fairly new science using a combination of astrology, the Chinese I’Ching and chakras.  You will be given the opportunity in class to reflect and process your life patterning systems. The emphasis will be on how these subject matters are held in one’s life.

The classes are designed to help see how our lives are patterned and dominated by our soul purposes, unconscious limitations and conditioning. Techniques will often be offered for students to tap into their hidden agendas and decipher the constraints to their success.

Our souls are striving for fullness and happiness in the face of our limited minds and egos. When we can recognize our true soul identity and give it the freedom to help manage our challenges and be in touch with its higher needs, we can reach fulfillment.  A number of classes are designed to reveal these strong patterns that we have lived with.

Learn how to change life patterns to stop any grip of self-sabotage and move to a life of inner strength and greater happiness.

Monday night classes are held from 7:00 to 9:00 PM although might run longer if the class is large.  The cost is $25 per class.   To register, go to Join Peter’s Teleclasses on the upper right side of the front page and you can register there and get some more info.  For additional info call or email 212-222-7748 or peter@heartriver.org

The following is a listing of the classes coming up.  Once you’ve registered, you’ll be sent an email with the information to call in. These classes are primarily for telephone but those of you with computers can go to the web link and you’ll have the class on your screen and be able to see Peter.  If you have a webcam, you can either use skype or the software to download from the class and then Peter can see you as well.

March 23 – What do you really need to heal? – We all have insecurities and other weaknesses that manifest in our lives.  When we don’t take responsibility about them, they can build into insurmountable problems both emotionally and physically.  It’s not that we can become perfect, but it’s important to take stock of our limitations.  In this class, Peter will tap into your energy field and your psyche to see what shows up and give you insights and some solutions.

March 30 – What is your abundance theme? – Is abundance working for you?  What strategies are needed to get more of it?  Peter will both work intuitively and through Human Design to get at the core of your unique abundance nature.  He’ll need your birth data to prepare your chart ahead of class.

April 6 – What is your real job in this life? – We are all here for important reasons on our soul journey.  So many people are unsatisfied with their circumstances and limitations in life.  They might say ”There’s got to be more to it”.  Perhaps there is and maybe we can find out.  Peter can tap in to your soul patterns and speak from a higher consciousness to offer more information and help you understand your purpose better.  He can also refer to your Human Design and see how it describes your role.  Call ahead with your birth information for him to do that.

April 20 – What is your love path in this life? – How does love reveal itself in your life? Can you give it? Can you get it?  Are you attracting enough of it?  What about your self-love?  Let’s see what we can learn about you.  Come to a class where Peter and Human Design will both reveal some important patterns for you to know about.

April 27 – What is your Human Design “partner” compatibility? Some relationships are not as compatible as others yet love might be very strong (or not).  Human Design can show how well we interact with our partners (or not) and Peter will use his intuition as well. Be sure he has both your birth data and the birth data of who you want him to compare your chart to.

May 4 – Finding the correct tones, mantras or symbols for your healing – In this class, Peter will ask higher consciousness to provide the correct healing instruments for you.  There also might be some that can raise your frequencies for spiritual advancement.  It will be very interesting to see what comes through for you.

May 11 – Identifying past life times – Students have loved these past life time classes as Peter has tapped into their soul histories.  It’s not just about the entertainment value.  Peter will find lifetimes that have important meaning in today’s trials.  Knowing our past is about knowing ourselves better.  Join this fascinating class that will offer intriguingly valuable insights.

May 18 –What do you have to let go of? – We all have deep blocks that keep us from fulfillment.  Peter will tap in to your energy patterns and look for the theme(s) that are holding you back.  Just showing up for this class is a step in the right direction.

June 1 – What does your soul expect from you? – We are all here for important reasons on our soul journey.  So many people are unsatisfied with their circumstances and limitations in life.  They might say ”There’s got to be more to it”.  Perhaps there is and maybe we can find out.  Peter can tap in to your soul patterns and speak from a higher consciousness to offer more information and help you understand your purpose better.  He can also refer to your Human Design and see how it describes your role.  Call ahead with your birth information for him to do that.

June 8 – What is your personal power? – We are all powerful in different ways and may be looking for power in all the wrong places.  Where does our true power lie?  Peter will tap into higher information about the unique powers you’ve come here to use.  He will also look at your Human Design chart to see what it can contribute to the subject matter.

June 15 – What are the past life patterns you’re healing? – What issues from our past lives are we still dealing with?  Probably many.  What is the karma that we need to change?  What can we expect to complete in this life?  Our past life history is mostly veiled from us so we don’t second guess ourselves too much.  What can we know that can help us heal and grow best?  Peter will ask in the Universe for answers.

June 22 – What are your unique spiritual strengths?  We’re all designed to hold our spirituality differently and have unique spiritual traits that we use on this path.  Peter will use your Human Design chart and his intuition to describe the uniqueness of this path you are on.  It will be easier to understand how to make the most of your spiritual journey when using this information.

A bunch of testimonials recent and past

I have known Peter for nearly 15 years and I can honestly say he saved my life with his psychic gifts.  What I love most about Peter is his straight forward approach that gets right to the heart of the matter during sessions.  He was born with a wonderful gift to hear and channel the messages of the higher realm of spirit with integrity and compassion.  He is truly a healer who is committed to empowering others and assisting anyone who crosses his path.  He is a grounded teacher and family man which is the perfect blend of common sense and higher wisdom.  What a treasure to have known him all these years.

Kimberly Salshutz – accupuncturist

Peter, your work with me and your numerous classes have completely transformed my life. Previously I had no idea about intuition and metaphysical ideas, and now I not only run my life from this perspective but I teach this to others as well. You are a master teacher and great friend, and I am so grateful for having the good fortune to have found you.

Steve Gottlieb – intuitive healer

From many years of working with Peter Roth, I can say he’s an excellent, highly-skilled and perceptive intuitive whose ability to penetrate into situations has been consistently accurate.  Peter is a very caring and compassionate person who provides his clients with what they need and I highly recommend him.

 Mark Germain – intuitive life coach

Peter Roth is an incredible healer.  Over the years, he has helped me with a great many physical ailments, imbalances, personal challenges, and even nutrition.  It wasn’t until a severe fall over two months ago that resulted in a diagnosis of “post concussion syndrome,” that I realized his unlimited abilities in healing both mind and body.  Whether it’s calling from the ER where doctors were unable to help me to calling in times of high anxiety and pain, Peter has not disappointed in relieving my symptoms, thereby hastening my recovery without heavy pharmaceuticals. Remarkable! Amazing!

Donna Piken – retired teacher

Peter Roth is an expert at keeping the body fine tuned as well as bringing awareness to the connections our bodies have with our environment, personal relationships and mind.  Whether my training is going well or I am being challenged by nagging aches and pains, Peter makes me aware of the little changes I can make to excel in my sport where attention to detail is critical for great performances. 

Deena Kastor – Olympic marathon medalist and American record holder

I was given my first session with Peter Roth as a gift from a friend who was healed by him when she began to have physical problems.  Through his intuition and with the chakra template of the Human Design System, Peter explained my strengths and weaknesses with freakish accuracy.  I continue to use his talents not only for my personal use but to strengthen and clarify relationships with my family.  Peter Roth is truly gifted.

 Vanessa Williams – entertainer  

If you are confused or unsure about any situation in your life and need guidance, Peter is the man!  If it’s a health concern, a business concern or even as trivial as finding the right hairdresser, I know I can count on Peter to help me.  Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call Peter.  You will realize it was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

Gerrie Shapiro – designer

From many years of working with Peter Roth, I can say he’s an excellent, highly-skilled and perceptive intuitive whose ability to penetrate into situations has been consistently accurate.  Peter is a very caring and compassionate person who provides his clients with what they need and I highly recommend him.

Ian Singer – executive

Peter Roth has rescued me from many injuries throughout the years.  His healing techniques and insights are unsurpassed.  Peter’s methods have put more power in every step I take.  I recommend his work to anyone who is looking to get more out of their life.  Peter Roth’s unique gifts have allowed me to do what I love!

Jen Rhines – 3 time Olympian

Big big thanks to one of the coolest big hearted people on the planet. The one and only Peter Roth, my first spiritual teacher who’s got more training and practice than anyone I know. If you’re looking for guidance, deep intuitive and Human Design insight and healing, He’s the MAN. He was a healer before it became a fad.  Thank you for your love Peter, you mean a lot to me. Xxxxxx

Magnolia Manomayi Sarshar – entrepreneur

I love Peter Roth! I have been going to him ever since the late 1990s when I read a feature article about him in MIrabella magazine.  Over the years I have sought his help with energy healing, help with clarifying relationship issues, human design work and developing my intuition skills.  I have continued to consult him for many years for one reason.  His insights are very helpful. And he is a kind, caring soul with many interesting thoughts to share!   He is a find!

Betsy Sawyer Gaylin – real estate developer 

Peter Roth has been a trusted advisor and intuitive healer of mine for the past 13 years.  His ability to get to the heart of what is blocking me and holding me back is truly amazing.  Energy blocks, emotional blocks or feeling disconnected are repaired immediately which have always brought back balance and feeling whole again.  He has helped me greatly with suggesting supplements where antibiotics have failed or where he sees a deficiency in my system.  Peter is a treasure and gem in my life because he keeps me healthy in body, mind and spirit!!  Thank you Peter!!! 

Audrey Gober – marketing executive 

Peter Roth is a phenomenon.  Over the five years I have known Peter I have been continually impressed and hugely benefited by his intuitive insights and guidance.   His clairaudient access to information across an astonishing array of topics ranging from mental or emotional causes of disease and dysfunction, and their spiritual and physical healing; personal relationships, preferences and motivations; career paths and business insights; science and technology; history; and a plethora of other subjects, has been extremely useful, and repeatedly demonstrated to be highly accurate in instance after instance. His insights on Human Design have proven greatly valuable to my family and many others I have known, enabling a greater degree of understanding of ourselves and our interrelationships. His integrity, friendship and compassion have been treasured by my entire family, and a host of close friends and acquaintances that I have enthusiastically referred to him. I highly recommend Peter as a major asset to all who seek higher insight and understanding.

Marc Newkirk – scientist and innovator

Peter is a wonderful healer, and I am always amazed by his work. I had a hard fall and injured my arm and shoulder badly. They were in pain and I only had one third the normal mobility as a result of the accident.  After one appointment, the pain was gone and my mobility significantly improved. After three appointments with Peter, I gained full mobility back. 

Jennifer F. – yoga instructor 

Peter’s gifts go beyond his ability to feel energy and receive information. Not only has he helped thousands of people by identifying pieces of their life’s story, he has guided them using innovative and highly effective techniques to healing in their journey,  He is an out of the box intuitive which allows for unlimited possibilities for understanding and transformation.   The healing school he runs reflects Peter’ personality in its openness, generosity and inspiration. Not only has he helped guide individuals, but as a team player he has made profound contributions to documentary films and scientific innovations.  I have the highest regard for his intuitive and healing abilities as well as his metaphysical understandings. 

Lisa Denton – intuitive counselor – clairvoyant 

Peter Roth is the true definition of a healer.  His ability to understand and address physical, spiritual, emotional and metaphysical issues and ailments has transformed my life.  Peter helps me to see myself, the world and those around me through a new lens which I didn’t have access to before.  He helps me to clarify and strengthen my approach to life, people, and health and is an invaluable resource in dealing with complex injuries and illnesses for my patients.

Jonathan Pierce – Sports Therapist, Former Professional Runner 

I have known Peter for 22 years, He’s been my #1 health practitioner. When something is bothering me, be it lower back pain (the emotional cause), low energy, too much calcium in the blood and of course helping me choose the right supplementation …He is my guy.,, I highly recommend him. 

Nina Owens – former health store owner and manager

Your soul will solve it

Our egos think they are so smart. After all, they’ve been trying to protect us all our lives. Look what they’ve done for the economy and the environment. Our individual ego works hard at dodging the bullets and keeping our heads above water. What if there’s a better way? Jonathan Parker thinks so and has written the book “Soul Solutions”. He believes (and you’ll agree) that our souls are so much smarter but we have to learn to trust them because they don’t worry as much as our egos.

If we can just get into alignment with that soul awareness we might be guided more effectively with much less heartache. Jonathan’s book offers deep, guided meditations to bring the soul energy to the fore and empower it. It’s a book that helps understand the journey and makes it easier. Listen to his interview with Peter Roth on Energy Stew.

How to improve your “mojo magic”

There are so many boxes we are taught to live in and so many that just don’t fit us. The best way to wiggle out of your boxes is to live in your “mojo” Dr. Bradford Keeney, an acclaimed psychotherapist and “Mojo Doctor” has written a very helpful book entitled “The Flying Drum”. He’s out to blow up all the boxes including the one’s psychotherapists use even though he’s the head of the psychotherapy association of Louisiana. He’s been guided to many corners of the world to meet and study with unusual “witch doctors” who have taught him how to use magical tools. These are tools (toys) we can all use. Peter Roth’s interview with him on Energy Stew will open up new understandings and opportunities to live in your mojo magic. Be sure to tune in.

Dialogue with your inner voices

There are good guys and tyrants in all of us that nudge us and possibly torment us each day. It’s the inner judge, the inner admirer or other parts of us that want to be heard. Author Patty de Llosa has written a very helpful book called “Taming Your Inner Tyrant”. I’ve really enjoyed reading her very insightful and captivating journey through her life dealing with her inner voices. We can learn a lot from her experience. Be sure to tune in to her enlightening interview with Peter Roth on Energy Stew.

The Secret Language of your Body

Inna Segal has written a very comprehensive healing book that covers every body part and many common conditions. She offers specific healing modalities in every case. This is a very helpful compendium to work with and Peter Roth of Energy Stew is fortunate to be able to discuss her book with her on this show. Be sure to tune in.

Do you follow your inner authority?

We all want to make the right choices but figuring them out doesn’t always work. We actually need to make them from a deeper, inner place and there might be clues about how to do that best. Peter Roth, on Energy Stew, interviews Gina Concotelli, a Human Design Analyst who will discuss with me the different ways we are designed to find our Inner Authority.

There are a number of types of authority, as described in your personal design, that we can each identify the correct process to know best. So if you want to know how to know what is best for you, tune in to this show and learn about how Inner Authority works.

When professional intuitives talk to each other

Peter Roth, on Energy Stew, is interviewing Paul Selig, a very gifted professional intuitive who will be demonstrating his unusual style and will talk with him about what it’s like to be so connected with higher consciousness. Peter always enjoys talking shop with other intuitives and it’s fun to hear them compare notes. You’ll appreciate listening to this conversation.

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