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Medical Intuition Program

Dates: 4 Thursday evenings beginning June 8th, 7 to 9 o’clock EDT. If you have to miss a class, video and audio recordings will be available.

Once you register (below), you’ll get a confirmation and then within the hour before the class starts, you’ll receive a link and be able to see the class on your computer, smartphone or tablet screen.  You can also use your webcam so you can be seen on the screen as well.

An email will also be sent to you with the class agenda and other documents will be sent throughout the program.

In the class, you’ll learn many tools to feel and sense the energy of the physiology of the body and the energy surrounding it such as chakras and auric fields.  You’ll learn how to identify what your senses are telling you and how to translate that into meaningful solutions.  There are many powerful healing modalities and you’ll learn how to use your intuition to discover the appropriate ones and use them correctly.

For more info call 212-222-7748 or email peter@heartriver.org


“Peter provides access to an astonishing array of topics ranging from mental or emotional causes of disease and dysfunction and their spiritual and physical healing”  Marc N.

“Peter’s ability to understand and address physical, emotional and metaphysical ailments has transformed my life.  He has helped me to see myself, the world, and those around me through a new lens which I didn’t have access to before.  He has helped me clarify and strengthen my approach to dealing with complex injuries and illnesses for my patients”  Jonathan P.

“I participated in Peter’s Medical Intuition classes and found them to be tremendously enlightening and helpful.  I’m a continuing student of Peter’s and highly recommend anything he offers.”  Ray B.

“Peter is truly a healer who’s committed to empowering others.  He’s a grounded teacher with a perfect blend of common sense and higher wisdom”  Kimberly S.

“Peter has guided me and given me many useful tools to help get to the deeper causes of physical and emotional issues.”  Jim B.

“Peter provides unlimited opportunities for understanding and transformation.  He teaches with openness, generosity and inspiration and offers innovative and highly effective techniques.”  Lisa D.

“Peter’s work with me and his numerous classes have completely changed my life.  He is a master teacher.”  Steve G.

Would you like to…

  • raise your levels of acute intuitive awareness?
  • understand deeper levels of imbalance?
  • expand your scope of healing opportunities?

Learn to use Medical Intuition with the skills, knowledge and awareness to solve many of life’s problems. You will be led into a clear, effective path of discovery and gain the confidence to evaluate and enhance health, happiness and wholeness for yourself and others.

This program will teach you methods to shift your consciousness for self-empowerment and unique knowing. It will show you how to uncover root sources of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. You will learn many techniques to resolve and transform them into well-being.

We approach intuition as a dialogue between you and higher consciousness. Using hands, fingers, inner hearing and higher vision, you will be supplied with the proper tools to question the universal field for deeper answers and acquire the knowledge of many energetic and physiological systems in order to explore the deepest truths of your being.

Medical Intuition Program

Price: $160.00


The program will include the following topics and emphasis will be placed on what students believe they need the most help with.

The meaning of Holistic Medical Intuition The meaning of healing
How are people really helped? What are we capable of?
What is our intuition reading? What treatments can we use?
How does this compare to the “traditional medical model”? How can “traditional science” be applied to our methods?
How do our senses create our reality? How can we reach beyond our 5 senses?
How does our consciousness relate to our senses? Exercises to recognize our sensations and to challenge our intuition
Developing intuitive skills, kinesiology and energetic clearings Locating and distinguishing our consciousness
The dream state and the limits of material consciousness Predicting the present
Psi and our Human Design The usefulness of meditation for intuition
Further developing intuitive skills, kinesiology and energetic clearings Working with feeling, hearing and seeing
Reading the languages of energy; chakras, Tree of Life, Auras/Etheric bodies Time, space and other dimensional realities
Relativity of reality Dimensionality as an aspect of healing
Identifying the soul journey Ancestry and past lifetimes as related to present conflicts
Karmic realities The dream for fulfillment and happiness
Defense mechanisms Misperceptions, the not self
Illness as a representation of imbalance What are our souls looking for? What will satisfy them?
Guided writing session to identify one’s healing path Exercises of awareness through senses
Analysis of healing capability Working with time, space and dimensional realities
Recognizing natal personality conflicts using the Human Design System Exercises working with hands: remote and hands-on
Experimenting with inner hearing Understanding how energetic systems inform us of body/health conditions
Backing up through physiological cascades to identify source of conditions Identifying energy solutions
Working with Total Biology – knowing the brain’s perfect solution for survival Understanding nutrition’s effect on yin/yang balance
Using intuition to identify nutritional imbalances

Medical Intuition Program

Price: $160.00

Peter Roth is a nationally recognized spiritual/intuitive healer who has also been teaching for many years.