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Special FREE Wednesday evening tele-healing sessions

I’ve instituted some new and very powerful healing sessions that you can join for free.  You’ll understand them better by looking at the amazing testimonials from previous sessions that are below.  You’ll need to email me separately at peter@heartriver.org to sign up and then receive a link to the session. Be sure you’re on the mailing list to be informed about each new session.

Peter’s healing session was an extremely powerful and transformative experience. During the session I felt a wonderful sense of pure love and oneness. As the session went on this got stronger and stronger and my whole being was encompassed by love. It felt as though Peter and the entire group were experiencing this together in unison. Afterwards I could feel that this healing took place on a very deep level and had a positive effect beyond just the group itself. I would highly recommend experiencing one of Peter’s healing sessions for yourself.


Peter, I felt not only the relaxation but a strong energy coming from you, like a vibration, I felt that experience only once before and it was when the Dalai Lama came to Argentina and gave some advice and words of hope through a peace message.


Peter’s free healing session was awesome for me. I really enjoyed the guided meditation and healing that he took our group through. I felt the energy flowing through me and it gave me a wonderful sense of peace and serenity. I also enjoyed the discussion afterwards. I highly recommend anything that Peter does as his work is so beneficial to me. This healing session was no exception and I look forward to the next one.


I felt a sense of peace, grounded and could feel the golden energy pulsing throughout my body.  


I had a mild migraine to start with. Followed your guided meditation pretty carefully, put some effort into it, was kind of painful with the migraine, felt very raw. Suddenly started nodding off. Felt like “something was happening”. Was very quiet for about an hour afterwards. Migraine is gone! Woohoo!


We were all so inflated with light that you rendered us speechless! It was something like “what just happened?” when you were done. Thank you does not seem adequate. Here are my comments: Your words are divine. You are a holy man. God bless you and your gift Peter.


After Wednesday’s healing session, the horrible pain I was having in my knees went away. I’ve been suffering for quite a while with this. I don’t know how that happened but it did. Also, I’m sure there was an affect mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


Heartfelt appreciation to you of the Heart River Peter!!
Never experienced anything like that. A miraculous journey!


Your guided visualization allowed me to experience the healing love vibration of my true self…  Where all external physical objects, including my body fall away and I am a vibrational essence. I have achieved this sensation previously when in a ten day Vipassana meditation course. It is an incredibly rewarding moment to find peace in an otherwise turbulent world filled with negative physical distractions. Your direction is uplifting and restorative at the root level.


Wow, I went even deeper in this healing session and there was major synchronicity happening. Many times throughout the session I would see and experience what was being said seconds before it was said. And I feel the power of it all still with me today. It’s a lightness and sense of great love and joy. I’m grateful to be a part of it and look forward to more.


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