raising your spiritual consciousness & intuitive gifts

Welcome to Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing

The Heart River Center, in New York, was founded in 1997 by the acclaimed spiritual teacher and healer, Peter Roth. It provides an intimate environment for students to explore and raise spiritual consciousness and develop their intuitive gifts. As an “intuitive healing school”, Heart River focuses on intuitively discovering the sources of imbalance and addresses the psycho-emotional story around one’s issues and looks at the most promising opportunities to unplug from the struggle. It also uses intuition to identify appropriate healing techniques and tools

The center helps students to understand the deeper meanings of life and attain specific techniques that augment their paths to attain wholeness and personal empowerment. Peter and other healers teach classes that emphasize a broad spectrum of healing modalities and combines them all with the underlying power of intuition. The school also offers classes in the new science of the Human Design System. Visit our other pages and categories to see and appreciate all we have to present to you.

Heart River Center, Inc. is a 501c(3) corporation.  In New York State, it is registered as a religious corporation as it cannot register as a spiritual corporation.  With this designation, students can be ordained as ministers of Heart River and hold full ordination status.