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Teleclass with Peter

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I usually expect that people are paying for the next class up but if not, please email me at peter@heartriver.org to let me know which future class you’re covering. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Peter.

There’s a lot you’ve already mastered in life and most likely you haven’t put it all together yet to think of yourself as a true master. Mastery is a process rather than an end product and the idea is to believe in yourself. We don’t always give ourselves enough credit for what we’re good at and we most likely emphasize our weaknesses.

This program is to help you know yourself better and discover the full master you’re here to be. It doesn’t mean you’re to be the master of all as no one can be. The idea is to know the whole story about yourself so you can distinguish how wonderful you truly are.

The classes will focus on different aspects of both self-mastery and life mastery and will often utilize a combination of my intuition, Human Design, numerology and Destiny Cards. Other divining tools may come into play depending on the topic.

Realizing the master you really are is self-realization and that includes how your mastery is revealed in the way life unfolds. In many ways, your mastery is to be challenged and that might discourage or sidetrack you and you could temporarily lose your way. So many times, you will disown your special powers as life kicks them around and your belief can falter.

See if you can fit in to any of the following mastery opportunities. You might even give yourself a score for each to see how you’re doing.

Self-discipline, expertise, competence, creativity, acceptance (self & life), experience, attitude, strength, ambition, vitality, purpose, social grace, presence, discretion, leadership, insight, spirituality, understanding, versatility, integrity, receptivity, perseverance, resourcefulness, balance, realistic, imaginative, determination, patience.

According to the theme of each class, I’ll be examining the patterning of your life that is revealed and looking at your soul purpose, unconscious limitations and conditioning. In most classes, I’ll be offering whatever tools and processes are revealed for you to be supported by. Our souls are striving for fullness and happiness in the face of our limited minds and egos. When we can recognize our true soul identity and give it the freedom to help manage our challenges and be in touch with its higher needs, we can reach the mastery we are seeking.

I’ll be posting more classes shortly. See the schedule below. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be sent an email with the information to call in and with a link to see the class on the web. These classes both for telephone and/or web and for those of you with computers or smart phones or pads, you can go to the web link and you’ll have the class on your screen and be able to see me. If you have a webcam built in, you’ll be given a link to open it and then I can see you as well.


Sept 11 – What are your multi-dimensional abilities? I’m very curious about who will join this class and what we’ll find out about them.

Sept 18 – Do you worry too much? So many people are afraid to worry as if that creates negative results. It’s really a matter of how much and about what. We’ll find out how you’re designed to worry and what you can do about it. Let’s all manage our worries better. There are many tools.

Sept 25 – Identifying past lives – Students have loved these past life time classes as I’ve tapped into their soul histories. It’s not just about the entertainment value. I’ll find lifetimes that have important meaning in today’s trials. Knowing your past is about knowing yourselves better. Join this fascinating class that will offer intriguingly valuable insights.

Oct 2 – In person at La Casa Day Spa in Manhattan – Healing analysis and empowerments – I will analyze your energies and see where the imbalances are in your chakras, auric field and physiology. I’ll apply healing energies to re-balance them and advise you how to follow up. There will also be class wide empowerments.

Oct 9 – What is your purpose in this life? Let’s find out why you’ve come here. I’ll use many tools including intuition to tell you your grand design to be alive now.

Oct 16 – What can your Human Design tell you? In this class, I’ll be using your birth data and put your personal chart on the web screen along with the other students. I’ll be teaching about Human Design and you can understand it while seeing your own chart.

Oct 30 – Learn about your power animals We each have strengths and weaknesses and can better ourselves by finding new strengths from the world around us. I’ll help you discover your power animals that you can attune to to help maximize your life. Even if you’ve taken this class before, there are always more animals whose strengths you can draw from.

Nov 6 – another in-person class at La Casa on E 20th St. How do you shine in relationships (or not!) Let’s look at how you’re designed to relate to others. What are the traits you’ve been born with and how has life influenced you to relate to others? How do others relate to you? Do you have hidden shadows about relationships? Let’s find out by using the Human Design System, Destiny Cards and my intuitive deep dive.

Nov 13 – What are your soul’s expectations for you? We’re in hard times to really know our way yet it was already written down when we entered this life. Your soul chose its purposes and understood what you’d be facing. None of this is a surprise to your soul. So let’s ask it what you can do better for it. We can also use Human Design, the Destiny Cards and numerology to see what windows we can see through to your journey.

Nov 20 – Special healing class

Nov 27 – Identify and transform your shadows – This is very important work.  Your shadows are always at play both from within you and the people you interact with.  Unconsciously, they are reading them and pushing your shadow buttons.  It’s best to know your shadows and become more powerful in the face of them.  I’ll uncover your shadows in a number of ways and help you transform them

Dec 4 – What are your spiritual strengths? – We are all unique sparks in the Universe and express our spiritual quality of it in different ways. Our spiritual understandings and expressions operate in their own ways and the more we can recognize our spiritual identity, the better we can maximize it in this life. I’ll use a number of windows to see your unique spiritual nature including a rarely used, esoteric version of Human Design.

Dec 11 – Do you have “other” dimensional relationships? – In spirit, it’s not just us alone. Of course most of know we have spirit guides and it’s good to know more about them. We also have other soul relationships on other planes. I’ll tap in and see who’s out there for you. There are unique spirits as well as soul groups. Let’s find out more about you in other dimensions.

Dec 18 – Paths to abundance – There’s so much abundance in this world and so much lack of it too. You might have more than most and feel poor or have less and feel rich. What are you here to attract? Let’s look at that and utilize techniques to attract more of what you want.

Jan 8 – Preparing for 2018 – Let’s hear what higher consciousness has to say about you and this new year. We’ll get some insights about your journey. I’ll also draw from some divination tools.

Jan 15 – Reading your chakras and Tree of Life – I’ll be scanning your energy fields to see what these energies have to say about you and the patterns you’re working through. Believe it or not, the Tree of Life shows up in your energy field and can be interpreted.

Jan 22 – What gifts are you carrying from your past lives? -You’ve come from many lifetimes and certainly they’ve achieved a lot for your soul growth. You bring that achievement with you so let’s see how it’s now helping you.

Jan 29 – What is your hero’s journey? – Are you not a hero? Of course you are. What are you a hero about? Certainly it’s to fulfill your life mission regardless of interference. What are you overcoming and for what reason? Let’s look at that.

Feb 5 – What masks are you using? – Who are you really? Who do others need you to be? Who do you want us to believe you are? Maybe we’re all really fooling ourselves. Let’s find out how we’re playing this game.

Feb 12 – How is your ego taking care of you? –  We rely on our egos to take care of us but is it doing the right job? Maybe it has a script of its own. Let’s find out what it wants and why. We certainly want it to be in alignment with our soul.

February 19 – What is your saving grace? – Let’s look at the part of you that comes to your rescue and moves you beyond your shadows and might even put your ego at ease. How are you designed to win in life?

February 26 – Healing analysis and empowerments – I’ll analyze your energy field and find any imbalances in your chakras, auric field and physiology. I’ll then apply healing energies to re-balance them and advise you how to follow up.

March 5 – Do you worry too much or maybe too little? – Some of us worry more than others. They might think we waste a lot of time. Who’s safer? How are you designed to manage information? How important is all the information? Maybe we just have to be true to ourselves. Let’s find out more about our truth.

Tuesday March 13 in-person class – A focus on different spiritual topics including how you’re supported in the Universe. Who are your helpers and what do they do for you? Bring your spiritual questions to the class.

March 19 – Who are you here for? – What mentality do you hold about your life? Who are you supposed to be in this larger world and what can you relate to? We certainly need to take care of ourselves. We all have different purposes of caring in our environment. Let’s look at that.

March 26 – OMG, you’re a genius – You know, you really are a genius and this class will help you identify what is the real genius in you. I’ll be using asking higher consciousness and also using the Human Design System and the Destiny Cards. We’ll find out about you.


April 2 – How do you shine in relationships (or not!)
Let’s look at how you’re designed to relate to others. What are the traits you’ve been born with and how has life influenced you to relate to others? How do others relate to you? Do you have hidden shadows about relationships? Let’s find out by using the Human Design System, Destiny Cards and my intuitive deep dive.
April 9 – Identify and transform your shadows
This is very important work. Your shadows are always at play both from within you and the people you interact with. Unconsciously, they are reading them and pushing your shadow buttons. It’s best to know your shadows and become more powerful in the face of them. I’ll uncover your shadows in a number of ways and help you transform them.
April 16 – Healing analysis and empowerments
I’ll be analyzing your energies to see where the imbalances are and provide specific healing to re-balance them. The whole class will benefit from the healings that each person gets.
April 23 – no class
April 30 – What’s your badge of courage?
How do you stand up for yourself? What do you draw on to conquer life? We’re going to look at how you make it through your struggles.
May 7 – Human Design insights
Do you know everything about the Human Design System? How about knowing more? Let’s look at the deeper elements of the system. Even beginners will get a lot out of this class.
May 14 – So who are your soul mates?
We all have them and it might even surprise us who they are. We have soul agreements with many people who have impacted and/or are impacting our lives for the good or the bad. Let’s identify them. Bring some suggestions and we’ll let those names fly in the Universe to get some answers.
May 21 – How ancient are you?
Maybe you belong in a museum. If so, which one? Let’s travel into the deep past and see what long history your soul may have. I’ll bet some of you have lived in some strange places.
May 28 – No class due to Memorial Day
June 4 – The wounded healer – What wounds are you healing from past lives? What Chiron traits are you living with that show what you’re overcoming from the past?

Tuesday night June 12, in-person class at La Casa Spa and Wellness Center – Using divining tools – We’re going to play with different intuitive tools to talk with the Universe. There are so many tools to use. We’ll start with pendulums and divining rods. We can use coins with the I’Ching and maybe pull some playing cards. These all only work if you have questions so bring them along.

June 18 – Working with Sacred Geometry and color for empowerment and healing – We’re going to dive into your field and see what geometries and colors will help you for many different purposes including healing and life empowerment. Maybe even relationships. These add to our light and wholeness.