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Become highly intuitive – webinar begins March 30th

Keys to Intuitive Mastery
Keys to Intuitive Mastery
Price: $200.00

Learn to feel like an intuitive master! Thousands, over the years, have studied with Peter and many have even become intuitive professionals. You’ll be amazed at what you discover in yourself and your higher consciousness.

You can join me from your own home or anywhere you are located with your computer, phone or tablet. I’ll be welcoming you into the classroom at 7:00pm EST. Classes will be on Thursday evenings March 30, April 6, 13, 20, 27.

This is a course I’ve taught for many years and have helped very many learn to use their intuition with skills, knowledge and awareness to solve life’s problems. I’ll lead you onto a clear, effective path of discovery as you gain the confidence to evaluate and enhance health, happiness and wholeness for yourself and others.

also expand your scope of healing opportunities

It will show you how use intuition to uncover root sources of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. You will learn many techniques to resolve and transform them into well-being.

approach intuition as a dialogue between you and higher consciousness

Peter teaching at expoBy the end of this course you can expect a shift in your consciousness for self-empowerment and your own unique knowing. Using hands, fingers, inner hearing and higher vision, I bring to you the proper tools to question the universal field for deeper answers bringing you the knowledge of many energetic and physiological systems in order to explore the deepest truths of your physical and spiritual journey.

In the class, you’ll learn to feel and sense the energy of the physiology of the body and also the energy surrounding it such as chakras and auric fields. Identify what your senses are telling you and how to translate that into meaningful solutions.

Keys to Intuitive Mastery
Keys to Intuitive Mastery
Price: $200.00

How it works:

On 5 Thursday nights starting March 30th we’ll meet virtually.

From 7 – 9pm ET

Online via your computer, phone, or tablet.

Once you signup you’ll receive a confirmation email from me letting you know that you are enrolled in the program.

Each Thursday about a half hour prior to the class, I’ll email you a special link that will give you access to the classroom. You can choose to use your own webcam to share with the class, however that isn’t required.

Throughout the course I’ll send you the agenda and a few documents that will help with your learning.

Keys to Intuitive Mastery
Keys to Intuitive Mastery
Price: $200.00

What my students are saying:

“Over the five years that I have known Peter, I have been continually impressed and hugely benefited by his intuitive insights and guidance.   His clairaudient access to information across an astonishing range of topics ranging from mental or emotional causes of disease and dysfunction, and their spiritual and physical healing; personal relationships, preferences and motivations; career paths and business insights; science and technology; history; and a plethora of other subjects, has been extremely useful, and repeatedly demonstrated to be highly accurate in instance after instance.” Audrey G.

“The one and only Peter Roth, my first spiritual teacher who’s got more training and practice than anyone I know. If you’re looking for guidance, deep intuition and Human Design insight and healing, He’s the MAN.” Jen R.

“Peter provides access to an astonishing array of topics ranging from mental or emotional causes of disease and dysfunction and their spiritual and physical healing” Marc N.

“Peter has transformed my life. He has helped me to see myself, the world, and those around me through a new lens which I didn’t have access to before. He has helped me clarify and strengthen my approach to dealing with complex injuries and illnesses for my patients” Jonathan P.

“I participated in Peter’s classes and found them to be tremendously enlightening and helpful. I’m a continuing student of Peter’s and highly recommend anything he offers.” Ray B.

“Peter is a grounded teacher with a perfect blend of common sense and higher wisdom. He’s truly an intuitive healer who’s committed to empowering others.” Kimberly S.

“Peter has guided me and given me many useful intuitive tools to help get to the deeper causes of physical and emotional issues.” Jim B.

“Peter provides unlimited opportunities for understanding and transformation. He teaches with openness, generosity and inspiration and offers innovative and highly effective techniques.” Lisa D.

“Peter’s work with me and his numerous classes have completely changed my life. He is a master teacher.” Steve G.

I look forward to your joining me on this exploration,


Peter Roth is a nationally recognized spiritual/intuitive healer
who has also been teaching for many years.
Keys to Intuitive Mastery
Keys to Intuitive Mastery
Price: $200.00