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Why some of us don’t think like others

It can drive us nuts that some people in this world don’t think, or even act, in ways we can understand. What drives them to be this way? In Human Design we can identify 3 different circuits that we operate on. They are Individual, Tribal or Collective. Each has its own rules that our brains follow. Peter Roth speaks with Gina Concotelli, a fellow Human Design consultant, on Energy Stew. They’ll describe these traits and help you understand why so many people are so different from others. Be sure to tune in.

A Tibetan Rinpoche talks about inner peace

Geshe Lama Ahbay Rinpoche is visiting NY after traveling to Washington with the Dalai Lama. Rinpoche is the head of a monastary in India where he teaches Buddhist precepts and was identified many years ago by the Dalai Lama as an incarnation of a famous hermit lama who had great powers. Peter Roth’s interview with him on Energy Stew focuses on the difficulties creating inner peace and different solutions to overcome them.

Dialogue with your inner voices

There are good guys and tyrants in all of us that nudge us and possibly torment us each day. It’s the inner judge, the inner admirer or other parts of us that want to be heard. Author Patty de Llosa has written a very helpful book called “Taming Your Inner Tyrant”. I’ve really enjoyed reading her very insightful and captivating journey through her life dealing with her inner voices. We can learn a lot from her experience. Be sure to tune in to her enlightening interview with Peter Roth on Energy Stew.

Do you quantum think?

Thinking isn’t what it used to be. The world is moving so quickly and surprisingly that it takes a lot to keep up with it (if we could). We certainly know life doesn’t move in a linear fashion and nor should our thinking. Dianne Collins has written a very helpful book “Do You Quantum Think?” that helps our minds modernize. She makes many distinctions that create insight and has many exercises to develop a more quantum mind. You’ll really appreciate her interview with Peter Roth on Energy Stew and it may be a big help in your life.

Looking at change in 2012

Stephen Popiotek made a presentation recently where he showed he had unusual gifts to understand the potential for dramatic planetary changes in the coming year. You will be impressed with his groundedness and optimism everyone will be dealing with ongoing chaos on many levels; geological, economic, political and more. He’s Peter Roth’s guest on Energy Stew to share his knowledge and wisdom.

Simple One-Minute Mindfulness

A new book can help you be centered and clear in a minute. Donald Altman, the author of “The Mindfulness Code” has a wonderful new book, “One Minute Mindfulness”. In so many ways, this helps you become more aware of the moment you are in and more conscious of what to do or be with it. It’s another reference to keep near by when you want to get your head straight. You’ll be inspired when you listen to his interview with Peter Roth on Energy Stew.

Looking deeper into the Bhagavad Gita

One of the most advanced books on the planet is thousands of years old. It’s teachings are as modern as the most recent, popular books about making the most out of life (on all levels). Jack Hawley has come back to talk more about his interpretation, “The Bhagavad Gita, a Walkthough for Westerners” and go deeper into its meanings. Peter Roth on Energy Stew interviews Jack again. You’ll get a lot out of this show.

The Secret Language of your Body

Inna Segal has written a very comprehensive healing book that covers every body part and many common conditions. She offers specific healing modalities in every case. This is a very helpful compendium to work with and Peter Roth of Energy Stew is fortunate to be able to discuss her book with her on this show. Be sure to tune in.

Lynne McTaggart “The Bond”

“The Bond” is a new book by Lynne McTaggart who has developed the understanding that we are all designed to get along and make society work. She uses science to understand how everything is connected and it can all work once we diminish the competitive, fearful and greedy nature of this self-destructive time we are in. This is an in-depth interview with Peter Roth of Energy Stew and an amazing author who really helps us understand. Be sure to tune in.

Do you follow your inner authority?

We all want to make the right choices but figuring them out doesn’t always work. We actually need to make them from a deeper, inner place and there might be clues about how to do that best. Peter Roth, on Energy Stew, interviews Gina Concotelli, a Human Design Analyst who will discuss with me the different ways we are designed to find our Inner Authority.

There are a number of types of authority, as described in your personal design, that we can each identify the correct process to know best. So if you want to know how to know what is best for you, tune in to this show and learn about how Inner Authority works.

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