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Keys to Intuitive Mastery Program March 30th

The program will be from 7 to 9 PM EST. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

Here is a discussion about intuition on Energy Stew radio with guest Lisa Denton who is also a Heart River teacher.

  •  Learn and refine innate intuitive skills
  •  Work with magical intuitive divining tools
  •  Create a meaningful and articulate dialogue with the Universe
  •  Learn to use the wisdom of your intuitive powers to counsel others
  •  Discover and utilize the intuition that resonates through all your senses
    •  Classes will be interactive with many opportunities for fine tuning

The program is $200 for the 5 weeks.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development
Price: $200.00

Tentative agenda for classes

1.  First class

  1. Who are we?
  2. Why are we here?
    1. Recognizing our multi-dimensional consciousness
    2. The holographic universe
    3. The Universal Computer
    4. Chaos Theory – Fractal geometry
    5. The I-Ching
    6. Divining tools/Clearing methods
    7. Connecting to higher consciousness
    8. The Language of the Universe

Second class

  1. Working more with divining tools
  2. Looking at the energy body
  3. Sensing energy fields
  4. Using intuitive empowerment tools
  5. Developing more questions
  6. Discussion of consciousness
  7. Understanding more about life patterns
  8. Tuning, tuning, tuning

Third class

1.  Using intuition in life

2.  Developing clairvoyance

3.  Helping others

4.  Tuning, tuning, tuning

Fourth class

1.  Using intuitive development enhancers

2.  Testing one’s intuition

3.  Finding more questions

4.  Talking with the masters

Students harness their own divining tools to discover their personal intuitive strengths and skills in comprehending the “Language of the Universe.” Students learn to sensitize their hands, fingers and other dowsing instruments to feel energy and attune to its form and flow.

The nuances of these skills allow students to examine individual energy fields, such as chakras and the Tree of Life, that intriguingly divulge important life issues.

Intuitive Development
Intuitive Development
Price: $200.00